The interactive map below shows the potential in groundnut yield estimates across South Africa*.

*Data shows groundnut yield estimates allocated to mesozones. Yield estimates were derived from Schulze R.E. and Maharaj M. (2007) and then allocated to mesozones by combining with a base mesozone layer obtained from the CSIR Geospatial Analysis Platform (GAP). *Going by Smith’s (1994; 1998) criteria, the climatically most suitable areas for dryland groundnut production are the northeastern parts of the Eastern Cape, much of KwaZulu Natal, and parts of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, with some areas having the potential to produce more than 3.5 t/ha. This is in stark contrast with the actual production areas of North West, the Northern Cape and the Free State.

Source: Schulze, R.E, and Maharaj, M. 2007. “Groundnut Yield Estimation.” In: South African Atlas of Climatology and Agrohydrology. Vol. 1489/1/06. Water Research Commission.