The map below shows the potential in sorghum yield estimates across South Africa*.

*Data shows sorghum yield estimates allocated to mesozones. Yield estimates were derived from Schulze R.E. and Maharaj M. (2007) and then allocated to mesozones by combining with a base mesozone layer obtained from the CSIR Geospatial Analysis Platform (GAP). Using Smith’s (1998) climatic criteria, yields of sorghum are estimated using the effective rainfall for October to March and heat units (base 10 degree Celsius) for the same period, with modifications to yield made for soil properties and management levels. Rainfall values were derived from the 1 arc minute (1′ x 1′ latitude x longitude) median monthly rainfalls generated for South Africa by Lynch (2004).

Source: Schulze, R.E, and M. Maharaj. 2007. “Sorghum Yield Estimates per mesozone.” In South African Atlas of Climatology and Agrohydrology. Vol. 1489/1/06. Water Research Commission.