The map below shows the feasible extraction of wheat residues in the Western Cape*.

*Data shows the feasible extraction of wheat residues allocated to mesozones in the Western Cape. The extent of commercial wheat farming in Western Cape was obtained from the Department of Agriculture of the Western Cape (2014). On such land, production of wheat was estimated from scaled net primary productivity (Schulze et. al.) with yield estimates applied to recent average (10 year) wheat production in the province, derived from Department of Agriculture Annual Statistics. Residue production was calculated based on a fixed percentage of the residue 15%, allowing for soil conditioning (50%) and animal feed (35%).

Source: Hugo, W. 2015. “Feasible Extraction of Wheat Residues in the Western Cape.” In South African BioEnergy Atlas. Pretoria, Republic of South Africa: DST. https://catalogue.saeon.ac.za/records/e34fcffc-c581-4382-8d90-4957df9dd500