Past and upcoming training workshops and available self-managed courses are shown below

Climate Finance Training

A municipal climate finance course has been developed as part of the local government climate change support programme. The course aims to introduce local government officials to the theory and practice of accessing climate change finance.

The guideline for the course can be downloaded below

A series of online training events took place in October and November 2021. The training focussed on how municipal officials can access finance for their climate change projects.

Course Downloads

  • The full curriculum framework can be downloaded here
  • The course presentations can be downloaded here
  • National Climate Change Information System (NCCIS) here
  • Let’s Respond Toolkit here
  • CSIR’s Green Book here
  • CSAG’s Climate Information Portal here
  • South African Risk and Vulnerability Atlas here
  • Green City Climate Finance Directory here

Online Training

A self managed option, where you are able to attend the course in your own time is also available.

Enroll in an online and self-managed climate finance training course here. This course is free and will provide a certificate of completion.