The map below shows the potential in banana (irrigated plant crop) yield estimates across South Africa*.

*This dataset shows banana (irrigated plant crop) yield estimates for South Africa. Bananas are stress sensitive plants which grow satisfactorily with a MAP of 1 200 mm, ideally well distributed throughout the year (Smith, 1998). Dry spells of more than 7 days are detrimental to yields. Preferring a relative humidity > 60 percent (especially during fruit setting), the mid-day RH should generally exceed 50 percent. The optimum mean monthly temperatures for bananas are 25 – 28 degree Celsius, with a range of 20 – 35 degree Celsius. Growth ceases below 12 degree Celsius and the July mean of daily minima should be at least 8 degree Celsius. Of the 1 200 ha under bananas, 64 percent are in Mpumalanga, 18 percent are in KwaZulu-Natal and a further 18 percent in Limpopo (Statistics SA, 2002). Highest average yields, around 26 t/ha/an, are attained in Mpumalanga, while those in KwaZulu-Natal and Limpopo are 20 t/ha/an, i.e. on the low side by international standards (Statistics SA, 2002).

Source: Schulze, R.E, and Maharaj, M. 2007. “Banana Yield Estimation.” In: South African Atlas of Climatology and Agrohydrology. Vol. 1489/1/06. Water Research Commission.